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At Club Pilates we offer Reformer based Pilates instruction. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, recovering from any type of muscle injury, or looking to balance another high impact sport or activity, Pilates is a proven form of exercise to achieve all those goals and more. Pilates workouts tighten the core which includes your abs, back, quads and butts. You will not only look great but feel stronger, more flexible and balanced, physically and mentally.

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Experience Classical Reformer Pilates
Pilates Certified Instructors will make sure your form is correct and that you progress safely through each class to a stronger core
Pilates! It's all about the core. Strengthen your abs, back and glutes.
Our equipment is meant to support your workout as well as make it safe
In addition to the Reformer you will get to workout using TriggerPoint, TRX® springboard, EXO-chair, weights, stretch bands and BOSU ball