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The Champ Plan from Champion Health Inc.

The Champ Plan is a Self-Funded, Self-Insured limited Schedule of Benefits for Companies with 5 or more Employees. It Is Designed to Compliment a Company's Current Major Medical Program if They have One and Helps Reduce Cost and Claims. 78% Of Executives State that Employee Retention Is One of Their Biggest challenges. WE HELP SOLVE THAT PROBLEM! Employer Saves $47.80 Per Employee Per Month, Employees get Extra benefits and Extra Take Home Pay. THEY HAVE THE EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE IN MIND!

A Program That Saves Your Company $573.60 Per Employee Per Year on FICA Taxes and Increases the Employees Take Home Pay Without Disturbing or Replacing the Current Health Plan. Additional $0 Copay Benefits $0 OUT OF POCKET COST FOR EMPLOYER and EMPLOYEE!